The bit has varible adjustments that range from pony to horse. 

Here is the bit adjusted to 9,5 cm.  

Here it is adjusted to 13,5 cm.
Laser engraved logo

The bit is laser engraved with a scale so the adjustments are easy to see to ensure the bit is even in both sides

If you ask bit manufacturers what the most common issue with bits are if a horse has discomfort, they would say that it is an issue with size. Especially if the bit is too narrow or too wide.

Most of the time, when the bit is too wide, the bit works just like a nutcracker and therefore when you want a simple pressure on the rein
you could easily cause the bit to pinch therefore cause discomfort during riding.

Every day, I see many horses being riden with the wrong bit. The wrong bit leads the horse to throwing its head around, nodding its head forward, or having the following wounds in the mouth:

1. It can be on the outside of the mouthpiece.

2. It can be in the  corners of the mouth.

3. It can be on the inside of the mouth.

4. It can be in the cheek on the inside.

5. I often experience that wolf teeth can be bothersom and in these situations I suggest that they are removed by a veterinarian who has great experience in this.  I always suggest someone who is a specialist in removing wolf teeth, as I have seen problems caused by poor removable technique, which can further cause issues in riding.